• Saving weight
  • Saving fuel
  • Saving lives

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Carbon fibre composite materials that combine carbon fibres and a proprietary resin combination to deliver exceptional performance in high temperature and fire scenarios whilst emitting almost zero smoke or gases.

With 2mm thick FR.10 materials weighing just over 2.5kg/m2, they offer lightweight protection as well as being efficient to install and transport. FR.10 product tests have included a successful 7hr fire resistance test at 1500˚C.

Ideal for applications where weight reduction is key, yet compliance with fire regulations is required.

FR.10 can be used as a standalone structural material (5mm and upwards) or as an extremely lightweight fire retardant insert into an sandwich structure (2mm).

The material is available with a specialist fire proof coating which is corrosion, chemical and weatherproof. Coating available in any RAL colour.

FR.10 is available in large modular sheets (1.3m x 0.8m) in thicknesses from 2mm up to 20mm, or as finished net shape parts; FR.10 is not a carbon prepreg. It can be easily joined or bonded using conventional fasteners or adhesives.

FR.10 materials can be easily combined with other third party materials to create a bespoke solution.

Available in large volumes on short lead times.

Large Scale IMO shipping fire test video.

Click on the below product video "seeing is believing".